about taoc-ig

Director General Arcilla

In the year 1997, a group has been respectively founded by the late retired PNP General Dictador Alquiza and retired PA Inspector General Ramberto Saavedra and General Juan Victor Laurilla as a Consultant General for the purpose of intelligence gathering for anti- insurgency, anti-crime, anti-illegal drugs, human trafficking and other forms of crimes. 

The members consist of retired and active-in-the-service professionals. The members were all submitting the intelligence report they have gathered and to be reported to the high ranking officials.Until 2014, Bishop Galma T. Arcilla became the successor to the organization and decided to register it for legality purposes, Transnational Anti-Organized Crime-Intelligence Group (TAOC-IG) was born and he became the Director General. He established order and system in the organization.

From here on the organization has been invited to attend seminars and conferences.

our mission

To establish and operate intelligence networks in an enormous fight against graft and corruption, in combating criminality, reducing poverty and addressing environmental, social, economical and spiritual concerns in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines and pursuant to the mandate of the United Nations, integrated network, one organization, one peaceful and liveable nation under God.


To grow a proficient portfolio of intelligence networks to work hand-in-hand with the law enforcement units of the Philippines and member-countries of the United Nations committed to combating transnational organized crime, illegal drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, corruption, terrorism, human rights violation, kidnapping, and other forms of crimes against humanity and environment, and to promote and contribute to the humanitarian concern, care , establishment and advancement of every individual both intellectually, morally, socially and spiritually to enable each citizen to be a better and equipped individual human being.